Whether you're preparing for your fieldtrip to the Activist New York exhibition or you're interested in using primary sources to teach social activism in the classroom, these lesson plans will support your instruction. Contained in these materials for teachers are primary sources, vocabulary lists, activities, and a bibliography for further research, including links to articles to make contemporary connections to current events. Lessons presented here draw upon the New York State Social Studies Standards and the Common Core Standards. 

Additional lesson plans on the women’s activism can be found on the Museum’s website here.


All Lesson Plans
A Future Worth Living
Earth Day and Environmentalism
Let us Stay
Let Us Stay
The Struggle for Religious Freedom in Dutch New Netherland
What's Wrong With New York City?
Conservative Activism
Gay Rights
Gay is Good
Civil Rights for Gays and Lesbians
Stop the Wrecking Ball
Preserving City Landmarks
settlement banner
Houses of Welcome
The Settlement House Movement
I Am a Working Girl!
Upheaval in the Garment Trades
Woman Suffrage
New York is the Battleground
Woman Suffrage
Bikes/Love Your Lane
Love Your Lane
Bicycle Advocacy
Beware of Foreign Influence
Nativists and Immigrants
Slavery Banner
What Has New York to do With Slavery:
The Battle Over Abolition
civil rights
We Shall Not Be Moved
New York and Civil Rights
park 51
Religious Freedom after 9/11
Debating Park 51
Art for the Masses
An Activist Theater
Proletarian Literature
The Power of the Pen
The Proletarian Literary Movement
"Don't Move, Improve"
Reviving the South Bronx
Nuclear Disarmament
A Danger Unlike Any Danger
Nuclear Disarmament
Ratify to Repeal
Protesting Prohibition
Racial Justice Today
The Movement for Black Lives
Debating Vice
The Anti-Obscenity and Birth Control Movements 1870-1930
Young Lords
Power to All Opressed People:
The Young Lords in New York, 1969-1976
Freedom at Home, Freedom Abroad:
Communities of Color Protesting Vietnam, 1965-1975
Image of the Anti-Violence Project marching on the NYC Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justice
When Existence Is Resistance:
Transgender Activism, 1969-2019
On the 50th anniversary of national woman suffrage, Betty Friedan spearheaded the Women’s Strike for Equality march
The Personal Is Political:
Women’s Liberation in New York, 1960-1982