Economic Rights
Learn about campaigns for economic equality in New York City—historically the center of the labor movement in the United States—from the formation of unions to the use of art as a vehicle for protesting income inequality.
Political and Civil Rights
Examine the range of New York City campaigns for civil and political rights across the political spectrum, from fighting for equal rights and protection under the law to advocating for civil liberties and protesting government regulation.
Gender Equality
Explore movements for gender equality in New York, from the campaign for women to win the right to vote to struggles to ensure equal protection under the law for all New Yorkers regardless of gender and sexual identity. 
Environmental Advocacy
Explore a range of initiatives environmental activists have undertaken to make New York City cleaner and greener, from fighting noxious chemicals and protesting nuclear weapons to preserving the built and natural environment.
As one of the primary destinations for immigrants from across the globe, New York has long been a center of activism for assisting or deterring these newcomers. Learn about the discrimination immigrants have faced, their struggles to improve their quality of life, and how immigrants continue to transform the city.
Religious Freedom
Religious tolerance was one of New York’s earliest activist causes. Learn about the New Yorkers who fought for the religious rights of Quakers and Jews in the 1600s, the battle against anti-Catholic sentiment in the 19th century, and the issue of Islamophobia today.