Each year, tens of thousands of elementary school children visit the Museum for programs. From fieldtrips for school groups to afterschool elective classes for middle and high school students, the Activist New York exhibition brings the rich history of social activism in New York City to life.
Photograph Credit: Lissa Rivera
Activist New York
60-minute program for Grades 2-12

Discover how New Yorkers have fought for freedom and equality over the past 350 years. The exhibition covers 14 episodes of activism on issues of immigration; gender equality; economic, civil, and political rights; and environmental advocacy, beginning with the struggle for religious freedom in Dutch New Netherland and culminating with the Movement for Black Lives. At the end of the program, students will create a button championing a change they would like to make.

Highlights include a short film exploring activism throughout New York’s history, a 19th-century nativist flag, leg irons worn by a fugitive slave, posters from the Civil Rights Movement, LGBTQ organizational flyers and newspapers, a gas mask worn by an environmental activist, and photographs of community organizing in the South Bronx.

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